I’ve Moved Integral Conversations To A New Address

Managing several blogs has turned out to be tougher than I expected. First, there’s the technical challenge of having to update multiple instances of WordPress and work with many different templates. Then there’s the blog spam and comments to moderate on each blog. And there’s so much more than that. But what’s affected me the most is how compartmentalized my thinking has become. If I have an idea for a post, where does it go? That simple question is a hesitation that creates friction in my creative process. My writing and creativity has suffered.

So then I got the idea to put everything under one roof and center it around my core values and purpose. I spent a lot of time reflecting on everything I’ve learned from a couple years of blogging and blog consulting. The result is my new Graham English Official Site.

If you’re subscribed to my Integral Conversations feed, then you will still get updates, but only from a single category. If you’re interested in getting my entire site feed, and I hope you are, then please visit my new site and subscribe.

Thanks for taking part in these enlightening and integral conversations. I look forward to continuing them at the new location.