I named this blog Integral Conversations because the content will be informed by Integral Theory—which means it can be about anything and everything—and because a blog is ideally a place where conversations take place.

You can read more about Integral Theory here:

About Me

I’m a performing musician: Graham English’s Music
I’m a recording musician: The Graham English Podcast
I’m a music coach: Graham English Seminars
I’m a blogging musician: Graham English Blog
I’m an internet marketer: Graham English Consulting

But this blog won’t be about music. This blog is about taking multiple perspectives.

Some of the other prominent perspectives I’ll be taking:

I’m an Master Practitioner. I’m an entrepreneur and experienced marketer and salesman. I’m pretty sure I’m an Enneagram type one with a nine-wing, . I’m a creative professional. I’m a life coach and a . I’m a Mac geek. And I can easily bench press you and kill you in at least 170 different ways.

But I write this blog for love.

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