An Introduction To Hypnotic Influence

Have you ever learned or come across something so valuable that you wanted to share it with everyone?

Hypnotic InfluenceHave you ever learned or come across something so valuable that you wanted to share it with everyone? And have you ever received less than an enthusiastic response when you tried to share it with someone? Maybe you were puzzled that they just didn’t see things the same way you saw them — they just didn’t get it. Perhaps they even went so far as to disagree with you and cause you even further frustration.

If you can relate to the above paragraph, you’re like most people. The communication just wasn’t happening. Actually, communication was happening, but the most crucial part was missing…

The outcome was missing.

For effective communication to exist, a clear and identifiable outcome must be established. If your outcome is to get someone to see the value of something, then you have a target to shoot for and you can structure your communication until the end result is reached. Which leads us to the number one rule of communication…

Communication is not what you intend in what you say, it’s about the response and the experience that you create in the listener.

This belief gives you control over your communication. Hypnotic Influence requires outcome-based thinking. Remember, to control any situation, you must have a clear and identifiable outcome.

In this series we will uncover some of the most powerful and forbidden communication secrets that exist. It’s one thing to have an outcome established, but without the proper tools, your goals will remain elusive dreams.

Hypnotic Influence utilizes Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming () as the tools for achieving your communication goals. For our purposes, let’s define hypnosis as “bypassing the critical factor of the mind.” NLP, the child of hypnosis, is the study of subjective experience. Utilizing these tools will enable you to pierce someone’s critical armor and control their experience in a way that gives you the power to fully realize your interpersonal goals.

(I’m going to skip over ethics because if you’re reading my blog, then I’m going to assume you have a high level of ethical development.)

The tools and techniques you will learn will help you in the world of marketing, sales, business, coaching, speaking, and any other professional endeavor. And it won’t stop once you step out of the business world. You’ll find that all of your relationships will flourish and take on a whole new level of satisfaction.

Stop for a moment and consider…

What would your life be like if it was exactly as you wanted it to be? Imagine it as vividly as you can now… As you think about that, how do you feel within yourself? And feeling as good as you do now, can you imagine this feeling growing even stronger? This feeling is a state you will experience more and more because as you use Hypnotic Influence, you’re going to make your dreams come true.