How To Make People Do What THEY Want

A lot of what I’ll be revealing to you is about the psychology that motivates people to do things.

Hypnotic InfluenceA lot of what I’ll be revealing to you is about the psychology that motivates people to do things. If you’re in business, one of your primary objectives is to motivate people to see the value in your services and…

…give you their money.

To accomplish this goal, you have to think of your prospect’s wants and needs, not your wants and needs. Why? Because it will help you discover what motivates them. It will help you uncover their map of the world. When you understand the map they use, you will journey with them, not against them.

The primary technique for eliciting someone’s map is dialogue. And what makes up a dialogue? Words.

So to make someone do what they want requires the proper words.

Think about that for a moment. And as you think about it, you may notice that your inner thoughts are made up of words. But words aren’t the only inner experience you may be noticing. For instance, the words in your mind may evoke pictures or sounds or feelings. Do you see what I’m getting at here? Your inner experience is made up of your senses, i.e. sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell. So to influence your prospect’s inner thoughts is to use words that elicit sensory experiences.

Show, Don’t Tell

In , these sensory experiences are known as . Submodalities are the building blocks of experience. Submodalities can be used to enhance, diminish or change someone’s experience to something more appropriate for the outcome they — and you — wish to achieve.

So how can you use this to your advantage? Imagine you’re talking to a prospect that seems less than excited about the product or service you are offering. After asking some well formed questions (you will learn how to do this soon), you find out that the prospect sees a dull, black and white, distant image of himself over there using the product or service. Not a very exciting mental picture, is it? For the hypnotic influencer, this isn’t a problem. Using only words, we crank up the brightness, add some color, and bring that picture closer until his heart starts to race a little and he truly feels the excitement as he actually sees himself using your product or service.

That’s the power of Hypnotic Influence!

By relating to someone’s subjective experience, you hold the power to influence their state of mind. Which leads us to asking the question, what state must the mind be in to want to spend money?

This question, my friend, will give you the answer that can make you RICH!

So let’s explore this question in detail, shall we?

But before we do, keep in mind that we don’t get rich off of people’s weaknesses. And we don’t manipulate people and bend them to our will. Hence, the title, “How to Make People Do What THEY Want.” (The most ethical and effective approach to selling I’ve found is Ari Galper’s “” aff). With that out of the way, we can move forward.