iPhone LiveBlogging

I’ve never been the kind of person to get in line for a product. But the minute the iPhone was announced, I knew I’d become that kind of person. Read on…

Apple Store Rockingham Park3:28 – Some people will think we’re all crazy. Some will totally get it. But I’m in line and I can’t wait!

There’s around 40-60 people in front of me. I think that’s a good sign.

Not sure exactly when I got here. Probably a little before 3PM. I got in line while Katie went to the food court to get us some food (Salad for me). Everyone’s pretty cool. Newspapers are interviewing people left and right. Exciting.

3:46 – Now Katie and I are watching a BBC documentary on my iPod as we wait. Lots more people joining the line and it’s getting louder. Wait until the after work crowd shows up.

4:00 – Stepped out of line for a bathroom break and nobody freaked out when I got back in line. That’s cool.

On the way back I passed a quaint little T-mobile booth. Doubt anyone’s going to line up for them anytime soon. Although their new Wifi plan is pretty sweet.

By the way, anyone want to buy a BlackBerry 7100i on the Sprint/Nextel network?

4:33 – iPhone Mania

5:13 – I’m definitely in the front half of the line. Lots of new MacBook Pros in attendance. I’m wicked jealous.

5:30 – They just tore the paper down. There’s a big iPhone in the window counting down the minutes and seconds. Friggin’ awesome!

An Apple employee came out and gave us the details. They’re letting groups of people come in to keep the experience under control and answer questions and demo the iPhone.

7:37 – Just got in the door after purchasing my iPhone. Something strange has happened to my BlackBerry. I’ll write more about that later. Right now, I just want to activate it.

7:51 – iPhone is activated. So much nicer than talking to a sales person. Very smooth.

8:00 – Initial sync completed. Very cool. Amazing resolution.

8:53 – Don’t want to blog about it anymore. Just want to play with it. But iPhone does RSS!

A few things. Couldn’t login to my wireless network for some reason. It wouldn’t accept the password so I disabled my password (temporarily) and it connected fine. The keyboard is going to take some getting used to. My thumbs are big. Safari is simply amazing! Also, I couldn’t manually drag music to iPhone in iTunes. Hopefully it’s just a setting that I’m overlooking.

I might be back later with more good news after I’ve had a chance to play more.

10:16 – I’ve made a few calls and played with just about everything now. Absolutely gorgeous!

About my BlackBerry… When I got into the store and was waiting in line, an Apple employee started showing me an iPhone demo. At the same time he was doing that, I was preparing a Twitter on GTalk. So he goes to make a phone call and all of his contacts are missing. “Hmmm,” he says. No big deal, I thought. Because at that point, I was about to go to the front of the line. After I’m finished purchasing, I look down at my BB to Twitter the good news and something’s strange. All of my emails are missing. “No Messages” reads the display and GTalk has been disconnected. I tinker for 30 seconds or so and then restart it a couple of times but something’s gone very quirky. Do I really care? No. I have a new iPhone. But I can’t help but wondering if when the iPhone and the BlackBerry get together, they try to establish dominance and go all alpha on each other.

I’ll dig into it more tomorrow. For now, my iPhone is commanding my attention. It’s really a phenomenal gadget.